Skinny Legs - May 9, 2007

Skinny Legs
Coral Bay
St. John, USVI

Think of Skinny Legs, located on the northeast corner of St. John, as something you'd get if you combined Margaritaville with Fenway Park. The owners, and likely many of the patrons, are Bostonians - or at least formerly from Massachussetts as evidenced by the Patriot, Red Sox and Bruins paraphenalia covering every square inch of space not covered by St. John-themed t-shirts.

The burger I ordered was good, though remarkably overpriced for what it was. I went with blue cheese and bacon as my toppings and would recommend it for your burger fix on this particular island. The mahi sandwich is also pretty good and worth considering. The fries were average at best but the beers were ice cold, the service friendly and likely drunker than you, and the dart board "stadium" is an excellent offering.

It's definitely worth a trip if you are staying on the island - and doubly so if its raining out. The covered patio is nice even during an afternoon rain shower.


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