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The kitchen we had in our apartment in Manhattan was small, excuse me, tiny - even by NYC standards. Formerly a bathroom or closet, it was physically impossible to have two people do anything but stand still while in it. What the apartment lacked in kitchen size and conveniences (no dishwasher), it made up in closet space, ceiling height, accessibility, and in general, a good deal of space. It was a great apartment - I wish we could still have it in addition to our new home. Here's a pic that was taken by the Village Voice for their column "Shelter". The interview can be found here. And that couch is not that yellow, I assure you.

So when looking at houses, the functionality, look and feel of the kitchen was very important in the decision making process. Fortunately our favorite house also had the best kitchen.

Here, per Brandon's request, is a photo of the main half of the kitchen before we bought it. The stools are gone, the chicken basket is gone and the ceramic fruit thing above the sink/picture box window is or is about to be gone. Everything is fairly new - five years old or so, except the dishwasher, which is not the best, but certainly better than what I had in NYC. I'll add some additional photos in the near future as well as some meals I plan on cooking...


Blogger Karen said...

As a person who practically lives in her kitchen, I totally agree that when buyin a house, the kitchen is vital. Your new one is NICE! ...and you said this is only half? That's a very big kitchen. Still in NYC? Are you going to replace the dishwasher? Looks like a good area to entertain also. Good luck.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Big Apple Dining Guide said...

thanks Karen. I'll show other pics soon. We've moved to the burbs, which certainly allows for more space. The dishwasher will get replaced...but not just yet...as it works fairly well for now. Thanks!

1:41 PM  

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