Nougatine Room at Jean Georges

After indulging in two lunches here a few weeks back, I took a break from the terrific service, ambiance and food only to find myself back at the bar again today.


Sesame crusted asparagus with a yuzu foam dipping sauce. This was great. Don't expect the pencil thin spears that will hit the markets soon, instead, I got four thick ones, generously coated with sesame "bark" of sorts. It added a nice flavor and texture contrast to the perfectly cooked spears. The high octane citrus flavor of the yuzu balanced the toned down and earthy flavors of the spears and sesame bark. Nice dish.


Striped Bass with brocoli rabe and spring scallion sauce. The bass was cooked flawlessly and accompanied by brocoli rabe, the sauce and two slices of very tart yellow grapefruit. A combination I didn't see coming but enjoyed fully. Solid dish through and through.


Brown sugar cake, carmelized bananas and sour cream glace. This was overall very good, though the carmelization of the bananas could have gone on a little longer. Not much, but a little longer to provide a greater flavor. Fun though and nicely presented. Oh, in the glace was a sheet of banana paper. Nice.


Navarro's gewurztraminer juice. Had to have it again. Delish. If you like gewurztraminer you will like this. If you like grape juice, you will like this. If you like honey, you will like this. And I say that because it is almost like a honey-grape water. Yum.

After tax and tip = $40 and change. Good way to enjoy lunch.


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