Friday, April 13, 2007

Asiate, located way up on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Hotel overlooking Central Park is a great choice for several occasions. I can envision a couple dining here after one succesfully asked the other's hand in marriage or as a romantic dinner for an out-of-towner's honeymoon dinner. I see it as a place for a semi-formal business lunch or the place you get the department heads of your company to think big about new business strategies. Or maybe just a place you go yourself to take a break from it all.

There's something about the wall of windows, views of Central Park, and views of the tops of some of the biggest and most important buildings in midtown, that makes it an ideal place to think big. In today's case, it was a perfect for location to send off our boss who will be the new National Spokesman for John Edwards and his campaign for the presidency. Good luck Mark (though I can't wish the same for your boss)!

There were five of us today and we are close enough to share a little. So here's what I was able to taste.

Frisee Salad - very good, the poached egg topped with black truffles and a hint of truffle oil brought the rest of the salad together.

Rock Shrimp Risotto - also very good, as mentioned in a previous review of Asiate

Crab with tomato pesto and tagliatelle - this was good but was more of an appetizer than a main course, though I didn't know that when I ordered it. That's the difficult thing about this menu. It is hard to read. I recommend asking questions if you aren't sure about a dish and/or its nature.


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