Natale's Pizzeria

Natale's Pizzeria
14 W Prospect St - (201) 445-2860

I'm living in the burbs now and quest for good food is an important one. I grew up in the area, so I know what's good and what's not for the most part - but since many New Yorkers are moving out of the city and in general, people are more interested in great food - the demand for great food is getting stronger. And fortunately the restaurants are starting to deliver.

But there's one place that's been around forever that I've neglected over the years. My (traditional pie/slice) pizza place of choice was always Allendale Pizza. Mr. Tomasso and his family became like extended family. I'd call to order a pie and he'd say "Ok Mike...picka up in tenna minna). He knew me and what I wanted and inquired about the family. A great guy, who's son Frank continues the legacy in Virginia Beach with two pizza joints that have been a great success. Alas, Mr. Tomasso closed up the "Allendella" Pizza a year or so ago.

Now that I'm back in the area, I can't count on Nelly's and/or Kinchleys for my traditional pizza fix. So where to go? Natale's in Waldwick.

This place is totally old school and serves a pie nearly as good as Allendale Pizza's used to be. And it is a better traditional slice than you can find anywhere in Manhattan. Not Brooklyn, but Manhattan.

They cook these mid-sized (not small, but not supersized either) pies in a rotisserie oven. The thing is a monster, but allows for a perfect crust that when asked for well-done, doesn't burn. Nice.

I'm happy this standby, which I hadn't had in about 20 years, is still going strong.


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