Sapphire Indian

Sapphire Indian

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Having recently moved out of an area of Manhattan known as Curry Hill, the last thing I could possibly want to eat is Indian. But my good friend and colleague David decided to have his going away lunch there with some other colleagues.

Just north of the Time Warner Center and overshadowed by the Trump International Hotel across the street, you'd never know from the outside what lies inside. And fortunately its a warm and comfortable environment, with enough "stuff" to make it known that it is indeed an Indian restaurant, yet not too much to look like the stereotypical Indian joints ubiquitous in my former neighborhood.

We went the buffet route and sampled all of the traditional items you'd normally find: chicken tikka masala, Baghare Baingan (baby eggplants cooked Nizami style with coconut, peanuts and spices), Dum Aloo (stuffed potatoes cooked in a sealed pot with aromatic spices and herbs), dal, Chana Masala (chickpeas cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and spices) and other items. Everything was very good and seemed well prepared - or I should say, prepared with purpose.

Service was average but better than what you can expect at Chennai Garden or Copper Chimney or any of those places.

All told, it was a good value too. I had a beer and the buffet and paid $25. And that included my percentage for chipping in to pay for my former colleague's meal. Would I return? Yes, though if I don't smell Indian food for a year, I think I'll enjoy it more. Living in Curry Hill has turned me off of the cuisine for a bit, I'm afraid to say. But if you are in the area and craving Indian - this is a pretty good choice.


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