Waterfront Ale House, March 11, 2006

Waterfront Ale House
2nd Ave. at 30th Street

I've been here three times now and just about each time I go its because a frenzy over the discussion of which hamburger reigns supreme has me checking out all of the city's favorites.

The first time I ate at Waterfront, I found their American Kobe burger to be subpar in flavor and a notch and a half overcooked. The second time I went, I had their traditional burger, and it was pretty good but nothing earth shattering.

This time, I am happy to report, I found out why people rave about this burger. But mind you, it took me three times for nirvana to be revealed. The dense burger was ordered medium rare but it was served closer to medium. Still passable but very close. The meat, bacon and cheddar on the burger was just right. Nothing crazy, but good. The bun, a sesame seeded one I should note for those with diverticulitis, was pretty good if not a bit hard and, surprisingly, weak under the powers of blood and grease...it started to fall apart half way through despite its tough exterior.

My favorite thing about the Waterfront Ale House (no, not the beers, but they have some great ones for sure. My beer today was a Blue Point Lager. Delicious) is its condiments.

Bottles of their own hot sauce, a variety of HP sauces (that I fell in love with in the UK), Sarsons Malt Vinegar and others is what keeps me back. I LOVE having options and so today I went to the back room where these sauces are lined up behind the tables along the wall and grabbed the original HP sauce, the malt vinegar and their hot sauce (very good, very different and certainly hot). None of this, mind you, is for the burger. These are the for their crinkle cut aka Cottage fries which are really terrific.


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