enoteca I Trulli

enoteca I Trulli
27th Street (bet. Lexington and Park Ave. South)

So for those that have read my reviews of i Trulli, you may be surprised to see me come out and actually fully endorse it.

I walked the stones throw it is from my home and sat in the enoteca after taking up the challenge I gave myself when I suggested recently on Chowhound that it would be a good first date place. I think, even moreso now, that this is the ultimate first date place in Gramercy/Murray Hill but is well suited for your midweek night out with the wife/girl/boyfriend or even solo dining, which is what I was there for this evening.

I ordered a flight of wines that included, in order of my final preference to them:

1) Castelli Martinozzi 1999, Brunello di Montalcino(was not a part of the flight-I got this on the side.)
2) Castel de Paolis 2001, I Quattro Mori
3) Ronco dei Tassi, Cjarandon 2002

The Brunello (#1) came at the suggestion of the bartender, a knowledgeable young guy who had a great presence and attitude but unfortunately left soon after I ordered. I would have stayed longer to try other suggestions he had...but the other staff were trolls in comparison. I will buy a bottle of this (or several) in the near future.

The Castel de Paolis was the best wine within the flight of wines that I ordered. As velvety an Italian wine will ever get. Nice.

The Ronco was also pretty good. Not nearly of the level of the brunello and slightly tannic compared to the Castel de Paolis. Still drinkable...but needs food...

So I ordered the special house-made ravioli of the day: Veal and Spinach with pistachio sauce.

I've been a sucker for pistachio lately...sparked by a pistachio eclair from Financier (on Stone Street) late last week. Wow! So when I heard this special, I went for it.

The fresh pasta was cooked perfectly al dente and the stuffing was very flavorful...the veal making its presence known and not hidden in a veil of spinach. The pistachio essence was rather mild, which was actually a good thing for this dish. All told, you can't ask for much more than this. The cost was rather reasonable when you consider the freshness of the ravioli and the variety of wines one gets to try (but try and squeeze in a taste of something extra special like the Brunello!). Good stuff.


Blogger Mona said...

Badge, my friend Winette at work has been dying for me to get to this place. Now I've found someone else who loves it...nice review, and I like the flutes of wine idea..sounds great.

8:46 AM  
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