Smorgas Chef, Jan. 24, 2006

Smorgas Chef
53 Stone Street

Just got back from lunch. Didn't realize until this morning (thanks to another CHer) that this place existed. Apparently there are two others, one on W. 4th Street and one on 2nd Ave at 49th St.

The place was very busy with a considerably quick turnover rate. I sat at the bar. I ordered the black current juice (though I was tempted to try the lingonberry/blueberry juice). This was great and an excellent alternative to cranberry juice or something of that nature. Would go great with a splash of selzer, champagne or vodka.

The woman two stools down from me was finishing up her "burger" and it looked like what I would want, so I got it as well. On one half of a Balthazar bun sat 8 or 9 (maybe 10) swedish meatballs with melted jarlsberg on top. The meatballs weren't all gravied up, but there was some gravy which moistened the bun and made it really tasty.

On the other half was a pile of lettuce, red onion, pickles, tomatoes and spread on was a roumalade sauce of some kind that I think had chunks of mushroom on it.

It was also served with chive mashed potatoes that tasted exactly how my Tante Kari makes them. Which makes sense considering both she and the owner are Norwegian.

Not a Swedish speaking soul in the place, including all of the workers. Apparently they don't last too long working there (from what I was told). Stone Street has done it again. This will be a weekly dining experience. The food, ambiance and easy going service is everything you could ask for.


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