Dos Caminos, February 23, 2006

Dos Caminos
373 Park Avenue South

I stopped by to pick up a quick, late dinner after a lengthy wine tasting at I.C.E. The bar wasn't that full for a Thursday night at 9:15 so I was able to place my take out order without having to fight my way to the front. Despite living around the corner, I've never eaten at Dos Caminos until now...I've just been in to have some cocktails before going elsewhere...and it can get quite tight in that awkward bar space.

But tonight, the male bartender took my order for Dos Enchiladas, which were roasted chicken in corn tortillas with Chihuahua cheese. One had a really tasty mole pobano sauce, the other had a tomatillo verde.

I also tried their house tequila which I think was El Tesoro Platinum...though I could be wrong about that. A very nice, almost sweet, sipping tequila. A step above Patron (which is, in my opinion, the lowest rung of acceptable tequila).

The enchiladas were very good, but, like just about all of the BR Guest restaurants, it lacks refinement and food mastery. But that's not a bad thing necessarily. This is good food at reasonable prices in a fun atmosphere. It's food has more substance that what you may find at the comparable The Stanton Social but not as much as, let's say, that of The Red Cat...or maybe Thor or Public. Probably a safe 2nd date place for less adventurous diners. Note: all three bartenders were very personable - so having a cocktail at the bar to feel the place out first is not a bad idea.


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