Bouley Bakery, February 16, 2006

Bouley Bakery

I had Jury Duty I needed to get out of today (not that I wanted to, but I simply couldn't commit to the time needed) and found myself a half a block away from Bouley Bakery at 8:30am. Seemed like a no brainer to me.

The very clean and clearly newish space was just being stocked for the day. Bright white and the smell of pastries is certainly one way to wake up. So was the good, strong coffee they serve. Now that's real coffee people!

I chose something labeled coco banana pain au chocolate. This sounded absolutely terrific. And I'm sure it would have been if that's what I indeed got. Instead I was given a coconut dusted pastry with I think a thin layer of mushy pear on the bottom. Nonetheless, it was very good, but not even close to what I'd ordered. Disappointed? Yes, but with an alternative as good as the thing I got instead...I made due...and will certainly pay a visit when I return for Jury Duty in the summer.


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