Jean-Georges (Nougatine Room), August 17, 2007

Jean Georges

Friday lunch. Nice Flowers today. I think, because the flowers have been so nice as of late, I'll continue to include photos of them. Let me know what you think.
Here's an interesting dish. Celery-pineapple soup with spiced, poached shrimp. Who knew that celery and pineapple could be well-matched. But indeed they are, at least in this case. The shrimp was expertly cooked, the cold soup was spot on and as a whole, all ingredients were individually discernable but melded perfectly together. Not an everyday soup, but this was fun.

I decided to stick with seafood, usually a safe bet at JG, and opted for the hake dish. This was a great dish. The fish was well cooked, though I did see inconsistencies with what was coming out of the kitchen. Several different looking pieces of the same fish gracing diners to my left and right. The dish was served with slightly undercooked potatoes, some tasty cockles, cockle broth andrunning beans.

I went for the fruit dessert over the chocolate/peanut butter dish. This was a warm berry tart with chantilly creme. Pretty delicious though nothing you'd consider groundbreaking or even memorable.


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