Bahn Mi

Danna has been in Hong Kong on business and They Might Be Giants have been taking residence at the Bowery Ballroom on Wednesday nights this July. Do the math people.

So yes, Doug and I checked out the culturally rich dining area on the edge of Little Italy and Chinatown and took in some Vietnamese.

We hit this dumpy-on-the-outside, prim and tidy-on-the-inside bahn mi hut and ordered appropriately - pork bahn mis.

My first experience of the traditional style (previous experience was at Momofuku) and must say that I do prefer David Chang's but you can't beat the price ($3.50) of this guy's bahn mi).

They also sold other prepackaged dishes as well as Pocky sticks. Apparently men and women are marketed separately. Just kidding of course. Men's is referring to menthe or menthol or simply "mint".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe 'Men's' refers to darkness of the chocolate, not mint. I'm Japanese, and am pretty sure!

11:39 PM  

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