Jean Georges, Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jean Georges

Well, this might go down as my least favorite trip to JG to date. Oh well. I guess it fell victim to the Restaurant Week blahs that many restaurants succumb to - though not Eleven Madison Park (see previous review).

The flowers looked good. Reminds me of concerts I used to go to at Deer Creek Ampitheater in Noblesville, Indiana this time of year.

The options for starters were pretty weak. A berry soup (was it raspberry?) or smoked salmon salad. Skipping the sweet soup, I went for a good standby. This was very good, but hardly exciting. Smoked salmon, julienned vegetables and two strands of hot peppers = boring. Good, but not worth even these many words.

The entree options were either skate, which I've had twice already at JG or the chicken with roasted corn and running beans. The corn/bean salad was very good. The chicken was dry and unflattering. They served a breast (very dry) and thigh (okay). Boring. And when compared to the chicken dish served for Restaurant Week at Eleven Madison Park, of a much weaker league. Adding insult to injury, service was atrocious. I waited nearly 30 minutes for this chicken after I'd finished my salmon.
I should have ordered what these kids next to me got. Yep. Apparently you can order chicken fingers and cheese fries at Jean Georges. Who knew? Oh, and of course Shirley Temples. Dad left these three girls to have lunch at the bar, not having a clue as to what the menu was. The girls were like, um, er "can we just have chicken fingers and cheese fries." Funny. Alas, the cheese was barely melted. I can't imagine this actually came from the open kitchen to my left, but who knows.

Dessert options were an apricot dish (see below) with a black raspberry sorbet (if I remember correctly) or JG's signature molten chocolate cake. The sorbet was good but didn't leave as big an impression as ones previous, but the apricot, cream and cake it sat upon was very good. I wish I could describe this (my memory isn't serving me too well this time). It was good and light, which for such a hot day was fine. I can always get that cake. Rest assured, each of the girls next to me ordered it.


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Friends always send me emails about restaurant week and I avoid going at all costs. I never feel you get bang for your buck...Hope you're doing well Badge!

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