Big Apple BBQ Block Party - June 10, 2007

Big Apple BBQ Block Party
Madison Square Park

What can I say. The 'cue was as good as it gets. Sadly, these are the two best days of the year to get BBQ in New York City - and it's a downhill run after that...though from what I hear Hill Country might change all of that. Blue Smoke simply shouldn't even be considered a contender to what was served in the Park this weekend.

The highlight for me was the Baby Back Ribs & Beans served by Pitmaster Mike Mills of the 17th Street Bar & Grill from Murphysboro, Illinois. They won the Memphis Championship Barbecue event in Las Vegas and dammed if they don't deserve. I've never had ribs this good before in my life. Phenomenal.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q is still my favorite place to go though. I've visited his plot of sidewalk all three of the years I've been to this event and it keeps getting better. I asked for some of the "brown stuff" and was treated handsomely to large chunks of extra crispy cracklin'. Holy crow was this pulled pork delicious.

Ubon's "Champion's Choice" pulled pork shoulder and cole slaw was good and certainly qualified to be a part of this event, but didn't stand a chance against Big Bob. Though it also didn't deserve to have such few people on its line. The food was real good but unless there is a line, people don't think it's that great. Their loss was our gain. An easy line to pass through.

One quick thing about the Bubba Fast Pass - they sold out at 3pm on Saturday which is infuriating. They should allot a few for sale each day, in my opinion. However, the lines weren't all that terrible to navigate on Sunday, so we ended up feeling just fine about not being locked into a $100 pass with only $80 some odd worth of food. NOT getting the pass definitely worked in our favor this year. Oh...and great job with the beer tents this year. I was very impressed with the speed of which it moved. Truly a great job.

See you next year.


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