Ginger and Spice, May 25, 2007

Ginger and Spice
Ramsey Square
1300 Rt. 17 North
Ramsey, NJ

Located in a strip mall off of Rt. 17 North in Ramsey, NJ - Ginger and Spice is a hidden gem. Flanked by a Panera Bread and department stores, the restaurant, as the name implies, serves a mix match of Asian-style dishes from sushi to noodle dishes to rice options.

What you won't get here is a fine dining experience nor authentic cuisine. But that's not really the point either. What you will get is a fun place to take the family, go on a date, or simply cut out from work for a nice lunch.

On my visit I ordered the salt and pepper calamari ($8.95). According to the menu, the fish is hand battered with 'angry' flour, seasoned with sweet peppers, Thai chili, scallions and served with curry aioli. I'd like the flour to have been a little 'angrier' so to satisfy my need for more heat, I asked for some chile oil, which they gladly provided. I mixed this in with the aioli and just like that, created my new favorite dipping sauce. It'd go equally great with french fries - which, oddly enough, you can order from the Sides menu.

For my entree, I had Thai Curry Udon Noodles ($9.95) which included bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, sweet (bell) red peppers, bok choy and Thai red curry. At the suggestion of our waitress, a very cute, pixie-like girl with a million dollar smile, I added beef to it for $2 more. Next time I'd try the chicken as the beef was a bit lacking, but in no ways bad.

My sister and father both ordered the Soy Honey Glazed Black and Blue Tuna ($20.95) and were pleased with their choice. The very large, wok-seared tuna steak is served with stir-fried veggies and a crispy, sticky bonito rice that they both very much enjoyed.

I look forward going back to this place on a somewhat regular basis. It's a good change from the nearby Kinchley's and Mason Jar Restaurants for a casual bite to eat.


Blogger Robyn said...

What in the...I live really close to that shopping center but I never noticed the restaurant! All I've been to is Kohl's and Panera! ;D Oops. I will definitely check this place out, thanks for the heads up!

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