Holsten's, July 15, 2007


My sister is getting married at the beginning of next year at the Pleasantdale Chateau, which is, I should state, incredible. Beautiful place and a dream location for anyone getting married. What a private residence this must have been.

So she asked my wife and I to check it out with my sister, her fiance Tim and my dad. My dad suggested we grab a quick bite somewhere nearby afterwards. The logical choice - Holsten's.

Well, perhaps it was a logical choice based only on the fact that it was prominently featured as Tony's "place of death" in the Sopranos finale. If you want to debate if Tony died or not, do it elsewhere...after reading this:

Otherwise, the food here, burgers in particular, are simply passable. Nothing more nothing less. However, the ice cream is amazing. I had a root beer float with (french) vanilla ice cream and was floored by how good it was. Really delicious and worth checking out if you are in the neighborhood. But is it a dining destination? I'm not convinced of it. Perhaps if you are a die-hard Sopranos fan or if you like really good store-made ice cream - but otherwise, not worth the trip. That being said, it'd be great if Holsten's was closer to where I live...then I'd consider it for repeat visits - at the very least for its ice cream.

The burger was, unlike Jason's (Off the Broiler) visit, overcooked for everyone at the table. Mine had a trace of pink in the first two bites but degraded to a dark gray as I went on. The bacon was good but remarkably greasy and the crinkle cut fries, when not under cooked, were fine. What irked me was the fact that they ran out of onion rings. Of all the things. Unbelievable. Apparently they went through two cases by 5pm on Sunday. Yowzah.

Anyway, a fun place to visit for no-frills fare with the family but not necessarily where you'd want your last supper.


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