Tracks, August 15, 2007


I wanted to love my experience at Tracks, a logical pitstop before seeing the Justin Timberlake concert with my wife (she's a big fan) upstairs at the Garden. Pre-event dining in this neighborhood, or rather in very close proximity to the Garden is really limited. But unfortunately we were disappointed twice tonight.

First, we realized we had tickets for the next night, so we'd have to come back to the Garden again on Thursday. Two, the food was just mediocre. We were, truth be told, a little skeptical of the place so we skipped the oysters (which are, by many accounts from friends, quite good here) and stuck to traditional proteins: sharing a cheeseburger and chicken fingers.

The chicken fingers were passable, and according to the menu, made with a root beer batter. The essence of root beer wasn't clear, but an unfamiliar taste not normally associated with chicken fingers was definitely present. The burger, beside being overcooked, was remarkably uninspired. Anyone with ground beef and the most rudimentary of seasonings could improve on it. Though it didn't look all that bad.

Service was pretty good. The space is nice and just kitschy enough without going overboard, and the location is perfect. I'll probably return at some point for a quick bite if I'm going to a concert upstairs...but likely not again with the wife. The following night we opted for takeout from the Whole Foods Market in Columbus Circle (near my office) and ate outside of the Garden.

As for the JT concert. I was impressed. The whole show was excellent, including and possibly especially, the 25 minute set by Timbaland. That was awesome.


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