Room 4 Dessert

Room 4 Dessert
17 Cleveland Place

Though we won't make it three times to Salt, our third visit to Will Goldfarb's Room 4 Dessert was good enough to warrant fourth and likely fifth and sixth visits. And most of that has to do with the service of Will himself.

It's amazing how two dining experiences, back-to-back within minutes of each other can be so different.

We walked in and the two front seats were empty. The corner spot on the bar was where Will was sitting trying to get some paperwork done when not serving customers and helping out behind the dessert bar. He immediately cleared the area for us and made us feel welcomed. He greeted us like old friends and later at the end of our desserts, kind of hung out with us chatting about this and that. We asked him what time he usually closes and his response was to the tune of "whenever people stop coming in for dessert". He said this truthfully, knowing full well that because of this dogma, he probably won't see his (beautiful, I should add) daughter until 4-5am.

Perhaps that's the difference of what Michael Lomonaco (Porter House) calls a chef-driven restaurant. When the chef/owner are actually on site, you can expect a very different experience.

Our options this time were similar, in name only, to the dishes we had little more than a year ago, during our first visit. Back again were "Infance" - a group of "fun" desserts including house-made marshmallows, something called "lucky charm" which tasted like a brick of the breakfast cereal, a swirl of cotton candy with rice krispie praline (tasted like a combo of rice krispies and grape nuts) and some other fun items.

Also back was "Voyage to India" - a chocolate-based 4-some that stretched into some interesting directions (the almond one simply wasn't very good but most else was very tasty).

I ordered the apple desserts - which I think, again, were the best options. He knows how to make apples taste even more apple-y.

Overall a fun time...great music, and excellent service from all those involved. A great way to cap off the night.

Room 4 Dessert will be celebrating its 1 year anniversary next week...check it out.


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