99 1st Ave.

Had a quick lunch here with Danna, her aunt Andrea and cousin Jude. We were heading to Mamlouk but paid the price for not checking to see what time they opened. As it was, Mamlouk is only open for dinner, so we walked over to Prune, but the wait was too much. We headed over to 6th Street to see what ethnic opportunities awaited. Awash the Ethiopian joint was closed for lunch...and then the rain came pouring down. We were in front of Mancora, a Peruvian restaurant seeming to specialize in ceviche. We went in.

The restaurant is smaller inside that the outside would have you believe, and the small tables make it that much more cozy, if you will.

The food had to be decent, I surmised, after noticing the other patrons to be of South American descent.

We ordered the Ceviche Mixto (octopus, shrimp, mussels, clams, corn, snapper, etc.), an order of the fried fish (mostly calamari, some shrimp and some snapper), a side of yucca a side of plantains in what seemed like maple syrup, and an order of the beans and rice.

For dessert we tried their bread pudding, flan (which tasted, oddly enough, exactly like the bread pudding), Mazamorra Morada (boiled Peruvian purple corn with cinnamon, raisins and plums), and pionono (a so-called "wrapped" cake).

All in all, my first Peruvian experience (excluding the hints of Peruvian cuisine at Nobu) was very good, the ceviche being a significant highlight. Certainly not a culinary revelation, with the exception of perhaps the Mazamorra Morada, which was...well, inedible really, but a good dining experience. The company was a nice change from the usual as well. It was great to see Andrea and Jude. Thanks for lunch Andrea!


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