Mandoo Bar

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Mandoo Bar
2 W. 32nd Street

The inlaws took us to a Korean dinner earlier in the year and it really found a place in my heart. Momofuko Ssam Bar has been filling the gap for the most part, but I was in the area (Garment District) for a routine doctor's checkup and decided to check out Mandoo Bar for a quick bite. The line was out the door, so I decided to just order some dumplings for takeout. I ordered the kimchee mandoo - steamed dumplings with pork, vegetable, tofu and kimchee. That would have been enough, but I decided to try the Goon Mandoo - pan-fried pork dumplings - in order to get a better grasp of what the tiny restaurant had to offer.

Both were very good. The substantial (read: semi-thick) dumpling actually made the eating experience better. It prevented being scorched by a stream of hot juice when biting into it (unlike what happens to you at Joe's Shanghai and on occasion at Rickshaw). It also tasted pretty good - as did the dumplings as a whole. The only disappointment had to do with dipping sauces. Soy sauce is too cliche. I really like Rickshaw has done - provided different dipping sauces for each of the dumplings they offer. Mandoo should take note.


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