Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park
11 Madison Ave.

Eleven Madison ParkHad lunch yesterday with dad. Service was, I hate to say it, confused. Actually - the hostess was confused. Polite though. Also, I ordered the halibut, but was served the salmon. I was hungry and time was of the essence, so I just kept it. The food was delicious. Dad and I got the same dishes and being that I was in a rush, we stuck to the a la carte menu.

We started with the Terrine of "Elevage Perigord" Foie Gras with Port Wine Gelee, Golden Raisins and Hazelnuts ($24). This was beautiful...though small. Served with toasted brioche, the flavor was great though I think the foie gras flavor may have been slightly crushed by the port wine gelee. This, fortunately was served with a small bowl of foie gras creme brulee that I loved the last time I was here for dinner (then it was served in a porcelan spoon).

For entrees, we went with the Scottish Salmon "Mi-Cuit" with Fennel-Saffron Consomme ($27). Also excellent...though a bit high priced for what you really get. And yet, this was the second least expensive item on the menu.For dessert, I went with the Black Mission Fig (tart with toasted almond cake, fresh chevre and red wine ice cream). Solid dessert. No doubt. Dad went with the Chocolate-Peanut (tart w/peanut butter caramel and brandied cherry-chip ice cream). It looked better and more substanitial. I think these were $12 each. Overpriced, in my opinion.


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