Eatery and Whym

Just a quick post, because, well, there's not much to say. Had lunch with my colleagues here the other day and thought we might be in a for a real treat...although a recent take out lunch at their other shop, Whym, should have given me a clue. Not that either were awful. They were both passable but could be so much more. If they spent a little less effort in making the place(s) look trendy (which they do a good job of) and spend a little more time freshening up the menu, these restaurants could be great, and something to truly be proud of as a restaurateur.

But the reality is drab food. I ordered a chicken breast sandwich that was extraordinarily boring. A chicken sandwich is so easy to make delicious and a barometer for what the rest of a restaurant's food will be like. It was big, I'll give it that much, but the bacon was missing, the chicken was dry, the bread was too spongy (yet somehow dry too) and the cheese was flavorless. Utterly disappointing.
My take-out from Whym a few weeks earlier was better, and more promising. A grilled chicken panini with portabello mushroom, pequillo peppers, smoked mozzarella (which is called smoked FRESH mozzarella on the menu) was decent and a good change of pace for the neighborhood. But still, nothing super outstanding, but perhaps worth a second chance. I can't say the same for Eatery.


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