burger joint (at le Parker Meridien)

Expect to wait on a long line in a hotel to get a tasty, sloppy burger in a dumpy room (which might bring back memories of a roller rink/bowling alley cafeteria) that has a brick wall that Ashton Kutcher decided to sign "Ashton Kutcher Rules" on, as well as other celebrity signatures. Whoopdie doo.

No offense to my friends on the West Coast, but it is far too L.A. of an experience for my tastes and though the burger is good, it's not all that its cracked up to be. Though it does get points for the toppings and the ability to request different levels of doneness - go with medium rare of course.

The fries are also very good. For $12 you get a good burger, fries and a coke. Nothing more, nothing less.


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