Russ and Daughters, May 28, 2006

Russ and Daughters
179 E. Houston St. (bet. Allen/1st Ave. and Orchard Street)

I decided to surprise Danna and come back from the shore early. I came home as usual via the Garden State Parkway but since I was going directly to the city, not northern NJ this time around, I decided to take the Outer Bridge Crossings route...which takes you to Battery Park and thus the FDR Drive. Its about 10:00am at this point, and as I see the Houston Street Exit I quickly think about how good a bagel with lox and cream cheese would be, and how happy Danna would be to have breakfast upon my suprise arrival.

So I get off at Houston and drive the six blocks or so, make a U-Turn and park in front of the shop. I've only been in once before, and it was a half hour before they officially opened, so this was my first experience.

I decided to play it safe with the classic: Everything bagel, plain cream cheese and lox.

Good god almighty. This was fantastic. I was revved up for whatever came at me for the rest of the day. That's how good this bagel was. The bagel was good - not nearly the best we've had (Danna was disappointed in her everything bagel - we both prefer the one's at Bernie's Bagels in Allendale, NJ) but the combo of cream cheese and the best lox/smoked salmon I've ever had was unbelievable.

An everything bagel with cream cheese (Danna) and my bagel with cream cheese and lox came to just under $10 and it was well spent. I'll be back before too long but not soon enough.


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