Wogies, April 21, 2006

39 Greenwich Ave.

After a few beers in the neighborhood (w/ my wife's coworkers for Happy Hour), we decided to search for some food. We quickly came upon Wogies, and having read positive reviews on Chowhound (some going as far as saying the best in NYC), we felt that this would sate our appetites.

If this is the best cheesesteak in Manhattan, I will not be trying any of the others.

It was edible - and relatively tasty but a far cry from what I've gotten down the shore or made in my own kitchen. I used to make cheesesteaks at Broadway Pizza in Barnegat Light as one of my summer gigs and let me tell you...I made far better versions then and now compared to this one.

The fries were really bad (cardboard flavor), service was pretty bad (20+ minutes for 2 cheesestakes despite a nearly empty restaurant) and the cheesesteaks themselves were less than desirable.

Save yourself the trouble and make your own at home with good roast beef, onions and the cheese of your choosing.


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