Love Cafe, April 10, 2006

I love to bring my passion for the food world to my job in any way possible. In an effort to spruce up our National Diabetes Awareness Month campaign (November), I've started to get some celebrity chefs to help with our messaging and to give it a bit of star appeal. For the last two years we've worked with Chef Michel Nischan, formerly of Heartbeat in NYC, and writer of a few cookbooks that focus on healthy eating.

This year, we have, via the help of our Capitol Chapter (D.C.), made relations with the Food Network's Warren Brown, host of Sugar Rush and proprietor of CakeLove and Love Cafe - both of which can be found on U Street in D.C.

So I went down to D.C. to speak with Warren and decided to have a sandwich from his Love Cafe. I chose a grilled chicken sandwich on sourdough with lettuce, mayo, tomato and bacon. Delicious. The portion size was perfect, the bacon crispy and the sourdough was perfectly toasted to bring it all together. A solid sandwich.

Warren is as tall and charming as you may have guessed...if you watch Sugar Rush. I hope that he and JDRF can work together on some recipes and united messaging.


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