Stout, May 24, 2006

133 W. 33rd St.

I had lunch with my wife Danna today at Stout. The place is really cool looking inside - sort of a faux rustic carriage house (they even have a room called the "Carriage House") or pub look inside. It also happens to be really large. This would be something you would love to have in your town if you lived in the suburbs.

Alas, they can't even get a hamburger right. The worst burger I've had in the city, sadly. The meat just wasn't of good quality, and to make it worse, it was loaded with Worcestshire sauce to the point of bitterness. Blech. The fries weren't much better.

This is a real shame because a cool looking place like this should do better than that and the neighborhood REALLY needs good lunch options. Sadly this one barely passes as doable, though if I worked in the area I'd probably still limit my visits to once a month.


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