NJ and NY Catering Review

I just wanted to take a minute to let anyone who reads this know of two caterers...both based in NJ. One you will have wished you'd hired and one you will be thankful I've suggested you not to hire.

The Bad

We'll start with the bad. Clementine Catering of Midland Park, NJ should be ashamed of itself. They are grossly overpriced and they don't even provide edible food.

We were dropped off a plate of roasted potatoes that my dogs refused to eat. They were burnt to a crisp with zero possibility of being eaten. How can you mess this up? How could you be proud to serve such crap?

The pasta salad was greasier than a hamburger at the Shake Shack and had NO FLAVOR. Awful. Unbelievably bad. The chicken dish, stuffed with sundried tomatoes was also impossibly flavorless. How is it possible to make sundried tomatoes taste like nothing. Like nothing!

I implore you to NEVER, EVER order from Clementine Catering.

The Good

Key Ingredient Catering, recently featured in the Bergen Record is helmed by Matt Pivnic. He is a personal chef for a host of clients (he prepares meals in advance and delivers them to his NYC and NJ clients who require special diets or just pre-prepared meals for their busy lives) but also does events on the weekend.

His food is top-notch and having tried his catered foods recently, am actively encouraging my father to hire him for his personal chef meals. Once we have tested those waters, I'll have a report for you. Check back soon for that.

Expect delicious food from Key Ingredient but also be surprised by very tasty, healthy options as well. Apparently, if you had a dish at a particular restaurant in the city that you loved...he will do his best to replicate it for you or your event!


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