Gramercy Tavern (Tavern Room)

Went for a quick bite at the bar last night and must say that it was an all around excellent experience.

Have only eaten in the main dining room previously (3 years ago) but had my eyes on that bacon dish for quite some time.

Photo courtesy of Joone!

Three empty seats at the bar (at 7pm) including the last one on the right, under a canopy of a large, vased plant. Ordered a Stone IPA from PA ($7 pint) and the Fresh bacon which is served with spaetzle, cherries, snap peas and a buttery glaze ($16.50). The bacon, three "logs" of it, was plush in the middle, crispy on the edges and absolutely decadent. The spaetzle - boiled then sauteed I assume - was crispy on the bottom, pillow-like on the top and added the perfect texture combo to the bacon. Snap peas and cherries not only made the dish visually appealing, but also more complex tasting.

I was going to leave after that but decided to hear about the desserts just in case something intrigued me and lo and behold...the sweet corn ice cream parfait.

Had to have it. It was a new dessert from the sound of it. In a tall fountain glass, there was sweet corn ice cream, sweet corn and blueberry compote topped with toffee coated popcorn and it came with a tiny cornbread muffin on the side.

The check came to $34 after tax (but not incl. tip) and was well worth it. That bacon dish might be one of my favorites in the city.
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P.S. The noise level in the tavern room was lively but calm.


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