Finally got a chance to have brunch at Prune.

A previous dinner there was very good and we had hopes for a great brunch. We got a very good brunch, but nothing spectactular.

The star of the morning was the Southwest Bloody Mary - made with a nice anejo instead of vodka, and kicked up to the perfect heat/temp. Best bloody mary I've had since I was in Flagstaff (Flagstaff Brewing Company - believe it or not. Ask Mike to make it for you). Though the one I had at Great Jones Cafe was something special too.

For food, Danna got the dutch pancake which was very tasty. The mini Canadian bacon looked average. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros which by all accounts were good, but nothing to wax poetic about. The rest of the menu looked simply okay.

Service was good though...the guy with the curly blond hair was nice and the smiley hostess is pleasant.

Note: the licorice you get is pretty good. The Scotty is traditional black licorice, the "coin" is more like "Fisherman's friend". Both nice. Oh and the wait was about 40 minutes at 11:10am despite being told it'd be an hour or more. The little coffee hut a few doors down serves good coffee too.


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