Quality Meats

Photo courtesty of and Noah Kalina

Quality Meats
57 W. 58th St.

I'm not a fan of the Smith and Wollensky/typical Irish pub wanna be exterior, but inside is a very attractive/handsome space. I'd go back just because of the room. I sat at the bar for lunch to test out their burger. It's a solid burger - a bit salty (like McDonald's) and overpriced but tasty. Not the best the city has to offer, especially at the high price point, but very good. The plating was also very nice with a dipping sauce for the fries it came with. The fries were excellent but were so few (maybe 15 stubby fries). I'd like to go back to try the open faced sandwiches and possibly a steak.


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I think you should try to go back and have a real meal there. I don't think you can get an idea of how good their food is by just getting a burger during lunch. Also, they do a restaurant week tasting menu that is VERY GOOD! I'm a fan a food and this place is excellent without pushy servers.

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