photo courtesy of Synaethesia
7 W. 32nd St

I've been a skeptic of this place from the get go. Not sure why. Perhaps it was bad memories of TCBY's my friends worked at during high school.

Alas, I surprised my wife at her office this afternoon as she and some colleagues were on their way to Pinkberry (so THAT's what she does!) and tagged along for a taste of the cold stuff...on a cold day.

I sampled the Green Tea variety, and after weighing the weak hint of green tea versus the price differential between it and the original (read: plain) variety, I went with the latter.

For toppings, I went with strawberries and oreos. Toppings are $.95 each and believe me, you don't get much for your $.95.

However, this particular combination (it was my first foray) was excellent and made me a believer. It will be hard to steer my from trying another combo. Yum. Even in such cold weather (or perhaps it was even more sinfully insane to have such cold food on such a cold day that made it better?).

Good stuff. Just don't bother with the green tea variety.


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