Five Points

Five Points
31 Great Jones Street

Five Points is a really fun place for brunch. The decor's only highlight was a trestle/water flume made from a piece of wood that divided the long room in two, the food was in most cases better looking than tasting, but the service was outstanding from beginning to end.

Danna ordered the escarole and bacon frittata which was slightly underseasoned (though they at least had salt on the table, unlike the restaurant Salt) and skimpy on the bacon. Jude's banana-stuffed french toast was uniquely shaped (more like a long, triangular flan) and tasted excellent. I ordered the baked eggs with apricot/sage sausage which seemed overcooked but well seasoned. The sausage was very flavorful though.

A side of bacon was suprisingly bad. It was like plastic and more concerned with tasting like maple syrup than bacon. On the other hand, the Mexican Bloody Mary (tequila instead of vodka) was served the only way I really enjoy a pint glass. It wasn't the best I've had but it was very good. Put the tequila-based bloody mary you get at Five Points' neighbor, Great Jones Cafe, and you have yourself a nice start to the day.

The coffee, which was served within 1 minute of us sitting down and ordering (a very rare and much appreciated treat) was very good. I could have set my watch by the regular coffee top-offs. Fantastic coffee service. The constant flow of coffee and tequila-infused tomato juice had me in a brief state of bliss. If I could sell that feeling in pill form, I'd be a rich man.

We loved this place - mostly for its service. I think it would be hard for anyone to not really enjoy it.


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