Room 4 Dessert

Photo courtesy of dcnstrctr

Room 4 Dessert
1 Year Anniversary Party

To celebrate Wil's first year, he threw a party for friends, followers and newbies with complimentary champagne at the stroke of midnight on Thursday the 18th. Delicious desserts followed, and generous refills of champagne as well.

I tried the choco bubbles "drink" and the whisky coca (pictured above) "drink". Both were phenomenal. Not sure which I liked better, but both were the best of what I've had so far, being my fourth visit.

I think the whisky coca is great. The coca-cola flavored ice cream could become addicting and the whisky caviar is just...just unreal. Please click the photograph to see Mr. Heuer's excellent breakdown of the ingredients.

I'd be remiss to not mention my accidental companions for the evening. Jane, a former pastry chef at Blue Hill and Vanessa, an OB/GYN to my left and Yaron, a student of Jewish mysticism at NYU and part-time prep cook for Room 4 Dessert, and his sister, to my right. I found all of them to be as interesting, kind and pleasant as one could ask...which I think says something about Wil Goldfarb, his staff and the restaurant experience as a whole.


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