Penelope, Sept. 20, 2005 (and recap of multiple visits)

159 Lexington Ave. (at 30th Street)

We love this place for what it isn't. It's not "city-like", it's not trendy, it's not pretentious and it's never hard to get a table or a spot at the bar (except during Brunch).

We also love this place for what it is. It's a cozy place, it offers a menu that has both healthful/healthy items and guilty pleasures, it's a pleasant group of coworkers, it attracts a nice group of people and it's close to our home.

We also love the fact that they've added the option of delivery, that their recent, end-of-summer renovation wasn't a radical change from what we've gotten used to, and that both family members and friends are envious that we have a place like Penelope in our neighborhood.

But what I love the most is their Grilled Chicken Club sandwich. I can't recall a better one in my life. Their other stuff is really good too, most notably their Warm Brie and Green Apple sandwich, Grilled Chicken with artichokes sandwich, the Mac and Cheese, the Warm Artichoke and Spinach dip, their omelettes and finally their cupcakes and black and white rice krispy treats.

We've eaten just about everything on the menu and continue to go back on a regular basis.


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