Adrienne's, Aug. 16, 2005

I'll just say this...it is as good as the people on Chowhound have been saying.

Ok, I'll say a little more about it.

I ordered a traditional slice, a sausage slice and a pepperoni slice...all in the name of research. All were excellent, my favorite being the sausage.

What's so great about these slices is that you can hold the slice at an 80 degree angle (I didn't attempt 90 degrees) and the topping will adhere to the cheese and the slice will still adhere to the crust even at a scorching temperature.

The cheese isn't stringy at all and easy to eat through despite having the ability to cling to the bread so well. I asked for middle/side slices so as not to get the two sided crust pieces (I hate them) and the guy slinging the pizzas gave me attitude.

After the third time he tried reheating two-side-crusted slices I told him I didn't want that. He looks at the older guy and says "This guy wants everything different". And then he put down his cutting tool and walked away.

Photo credit goes to Adam from Slice at www.sliceny.com - THE word on Pizza

The older guy with the salt and pepper goatee said to me "Forget about him. Most people have patience here. We'll take care of whatever you want". And he did. What a great businessman.

3 rectangular slices of varying toppings and a can of Coke for $7.33 or something like that. A great deal and very good quality.

BTW, this is the future of pizzerias. God willing. The place was beautiful...especially for a pizzeria. Hopefully we can say that long gone are the days of the red and white checkered plastic tablecloths and Italian Ice postered pizza joints with greasy sneeze guards.


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