Copper Chimney, July 30, 2005

Having lived in the area for more than a year now, we felt sort of awkward going to Copper Chimney before checking out Pongal, both of which are owned by the same family. I suppose its the menu of vegetarian options that I am not at all clued in on at Pongal that has made us hesitate going there. The owners are certainly nice enough, as I see them regularly (I live between the two restaurants), so we gave the new, carnivore-friendly restaurant a go.

We shared an order of the Chicken Sixty-Five which was tender, crispy and well spiced. I have no idea why its called Chicken Sixty-Five, but it was really, really tasty.

Danna ordered the curry lamb chops. The bone was cooked to the point of brittle but the lamb itself was well seasoned and perfectly medium - per my wife's request. She said, "I just want to pick this up with my fingers and go to town on it" as if she would if we were at home.

I ordered the Chicken Chettinad which was exploding with flavor, spice and heat.

Add a side of poori and a refreshing cocktail with cucumber in it (I can't remember what it was called - but it wasn't a Pimm's Cup) and the meal was a definite success. I can see myself ordering Chicken Sixty Five for an app. every time I go there or even for takeout once in awhile.

Next up...Pongal, so if anyone has recommendations, by all means let me know. Thanks.


Blogger TheGreatGujju said...

Am not really a big fan of Pongal - but Copper Chimney is a famous restaurant chain in Bombay. It's ironic that over here it serves predominantly South Indian food - in India it serves Mughlai, or North Indian.

Also, I have no idea why they call it chicken 65, but my father can never seem to get it right - he keeps calling it chicken 69. (Yes, a bad sense of humor is genetic in my family)

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Blogger BADGE said...

I went back on Aug. 30 for lunch and decided to order the $10 Chicken business lunch. They also offer a $9 Vegetarian business lunch and an $11 Lamb business lunch.

The meal comes in a large, round, silverish serving tray. On top of a banana leaf was a potato samosa, surrounded by silver containers holding different items including a saffron rice, chicken chettinad, mango chutney, some deep-fried, round and very sweet pastry ball with bits of clove, some other milk-based item that was yellow relish-like in color, a yogurt item and four pieces of naan. I have no idea how some can say that this place lacks flavor and intensity. One bite of the chettinad, and you'd be sure to think otherwise. The yellow-relish like dish was excellent and probably my favorite item on the platter. Many different textures, flavors and levels of heat/cool all for $10. A winner, and a better deal, at least in quality, than what you can get at those other $5-7 lunch buffets around the neighborhood. Be careful when ordering drinks though. A regular iced-tea cost $4.

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