Artisanal, July 8, 2005

2 Park Avenue (32nd St.)

I've eaten here a couple of times already but this is the first since I started my blog. And if you've been keeping track, I've been going with the french brasserie theme for the last couple of weeks. Not sure why either, truth be told.

Anyway, we were out with several of Danna's coworkers at the Rodeo Bar for countless hours and I needed to leave the group to get some sustenance before I would be able to continue with them at their next bar. So I went to Artisanal, pulled up a barstool, ordered an entree portion of the mussels and a glass of water (I'd been drinking a lot, and I think the bartender had no problem with me not ordering a glass of wine).

The mussels came out pretty quickly, piled high in a oval, cast iron bowl with a side of frites. The mussels were excellent. Some were monstrosities and thick with flavor. The broth was like a pesto-tomato broth that was great. The bread and butter they serve is, of course, top notch, but they also supplied a crustier garlic bread for dipping in the broth. Heaven. The frites were amazing with either the ketchup they serve or the dipping it in the broth.

You can't ask for a better mini-dinner. Walked right in. Service was attentative and courteous. Food was brought out quickly. Food was excellent. Bill was paid and changed returned efficiently. Satisfaction.

Now, to be critical, the broth at Park Bistro, in my opinion is better or at least more original and more addictive (I nearly took the busboys arm off when he tried to take the nearly empty bowl of broth away from me at Park Bistro). But you really can't go wrong.

So you are probably wondering...where the hell is the cheese review. Well, I did order some cheese, but had to cancel my order as my cell phone was ringing off the hook from others telling me to get my ass over to the bar. But it is what it is. I can give you a brief review...the cheese is awesome...wait till I open my cheese and wine shop in the next couple of years and then we can discuss the cheese.


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