Bread, July 1, 2005

I really do like this place. I've been several times whether as a sit down with the wife, a quick bite at the bar with a friend, take out to bring across the street to Sweet and Vicious or, in this case, to grab a late lunch on a Friday afternoon before heading to the beach for the weekend.

The place was relatively busy as usual, but I had no problem finding a tall two top waiting for me to plunker down.

The only waitress on duty acknowledged my arrival and after a minute or two dropped off a menu.

Do I get the ol' standby (prosciutto sandwich with mozzarella and arugula) or try one of their main entrees? Neither, said I, and ordered the Gorgonzola Dolce with Golden Delicious apples.

What a great sandwich. Simple but with excellent ingredients that fills you up just enough. The club-styled sandwich has three pieces of thinly sliced and toasted cranberry walnut bread and in between each is a spreaded layer of gorgonzola topped with honey and a quarter inch thick layer of slightly crunchy and not overly juicy golden delicious apples.

Many textures and flavors swirl (or rather bump and grind) together to make a very pleasant meal. The mini mesclun salad they give you with the same dressing they've used for years (it has a bit of a sharp zing to it...and its just right) adds to the dish. A metal skewer holds the two sandwich sections together (on top of each other - nice presentation) with a strawberry resting on the top piece of bread.

I opted for the watermelon juice instead of the temptation of a glass of wine. It was okay, though I much prefer the watermelonade at Rickshaw Dumpling House.

I will continue to return to this place for their no nonsense but delicious sandwiches and someday will break out of my sandwich rut and try their entrees. I liked the sandwich so much that I will be recreating it myself and will be demonstrating how to make it for a presentation in my Culinary Management class at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE)


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