Aki Sushi III, June 14, 2005

We decided to give one of the latest additions to the neighborhood a chance and I think we've both agreed that one chance was enough.

Danna and I each ordered a piece of eel, some edamame (Danna), an order of the beef negamaki, an order of the chicken negamaki, a spicy tuna roll "with crunch" and maybe something else, I honestly can't remember.

The eel had little of the teriyaki flavor to it that is customary and the piece was very large, probably to justify the lack of quality. Disappointing. The beef negamaki was passable but below the standard set by Wasabi in Ridgewood, NJ. I have yet to have a better version of this dish than the one they make. The chicken negamaki was pretty dry and bland but wasn't downright awful.

The spicy tuna roll with crunch (which I believe was panko) was probably below average and even the edamame was weak...with low-grade salt like you'd see on the table at a diner.

Service was average, food was pretty bad although they have made decent use of the space. We will not be returning to this place and probably will avoid both Aki Sushi I and II wherever they may be.


Blogger Robyn said...

I know my palate isn't selective enough (and I'm probably too easy to please) since I've eaten at a gazillion Japanese restaurants (roughly) but have never found any one to be very bad or superb. I tend to label everything as good in my mind (if I saw something is bad, it has to be really bad). I've only eaten at Wasabi once a few years ago but now I'm interested in trying it again (I've been to about 6 Japanese restaurants in Ridgewood). Eel is my favorite Japanese food aside from curry and I only remember having a weird one once, from a restaurant in Ramsey.

Oo wait, I just remembered one place that was pretty cool, Ginger, in the East Village. I got some kind of crunchy banana sushi roll...thingy...forgot what else was in it but it was a surprisingly yummy combination (not very Japanese though, hehe).

2:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is your best Sushi experience in the city? The dishes you had ordered at Akisushi sound all fusion-Japanese food, and not the authentic sushi menu. Since your reviews of other restaurants sounded very interesting and described wonderfully, I just felt upset about your comments over Japanese food. I am Japanese, and I personally don't go to Sushi restaurant which serves Americanized sushi. I wish people would love the way how it's originally made.

9:39 PM  

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