Daisy May's, May 26, 2005

photo credit to Noah Kalina
Spring is just not showing its good side quite yet, so on a cool, rainy day, a bowl of chili from the Daisy May cart on Wall Street seemed like a good idea. I find myself online behind four people at quarter to 2pm and wait until each remarkably friendly conversation is over. Then it's my turn. Not all that hungry, but hungry for more than just one option, I order a bowl "o" red chili with large chunks of sirloin and a pulled pork sandwich, both with a dask of chipotle sauce.

I don't know how they do it, but the chili gets better exponentially each time I order it. Today's chili might have been the best bowl of the hot stuff I've ever ordered...and I opted not to pay the extra dollar for rice and beans (which is a ripoff if you ask me). It is so flavorful and rich of a "soup" that I can honestly say I've yet to have better.

The pulled pork sandwich, on the other hand, was uninspiring. The roll seemed to expand more as you ate it...making it difficult to take even bites of bread, pork and (I added it to the sandwich) coleslaw. A sloppy meal, which isn't a really bad thing, but the pork was somewhat flavorless, despite being well pulled.

I've had the sweet tea before, but, like most sweet tea, I found it too much for my palate.

The menu has definitely increased since last year when they started getting popular. Today's menu also had the brisket (which I've had before but wasn't blown away by), BBQ chicken sandwich and the soup of the day was a gaspacho served in a mason jar with hard boiled egg and bread.

That chili is amazing. If you haven't had a chance yet...go for it...and ask for the hot sauce...but just a little. A little dab'll do ya.


Blogger Jessica said...

My office ordered some Daisy May's, and it was the best chili I've ever had! Their ribs were also good but very oily. Creamed spinach and sweet potatoes were good, but everything else was "eh."

11:33 PM  

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