Shake Shack, Apr. 5, 2005

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park

The first of many stops to the Shake Shack this year.

Photo credited to www.curbed.com

It's safe to say that the robin has gone the way of the dot matrix printer. The opening of the Shake Shack is now the first sign of spring.

Danna and I met for a late lunch and as luck would have it, it was one of the nicest days we've had in a long time. And the very long line of people both waiting to order and waiting to pick up their food at 3:00pm was proof that Spring Fever is in high gear.

We are both big fans of their burgers, so we each got a Shack burger (mine a double, hers a single without tomato), 2 orders of fries and at the request of the wife, we ordered a plain hot dog to give it a try. I also got an Arnold Palmer, which is quite well made here.

The burgers, slightly sloppy, are exactly as I remembered them - which in short, is to say delicious. Kinda juicy, kinda crisp where it needed to be. The bun gets a little soggy but not too much. The dijon mustard they have on the side of the building I think is new this year. I could be mistaken, but I don't remember their mustard being home made and with such a bite to it. Yum. Wimpy mustard is a sin. This stuff cleared your nose quite nicely. We split the hot dog, which was actually quite good with just ketchup and mustard. I remember last year not liking the Chicago style hot dog and in general, don't care for boiled ones (grilled please), but this was pretty darn good, I have to admit.

Also reveling in the lovely afternoon was, if I'm not mistaken, Andrea Strong...one of my favorite food writers. I couldn't or rather dared not to confirm my hunch that it was in fact her, but I think all signs point to yes.

As I said, this is the first of many trips to the Shake Shack. Best be getting to the gym now.


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