Coppola's, Mar. 11, 2005

378 Third Ave.

What an awful meal and horrendous service. I can't begin to tell you how bad this restaurant is. Actually, its fun to review a restaurant that is this awful from start to finish. Unfortunately after a long day of work I really wanted something good to eat - we all did.


Traditional Caesar Salad - average
Lentil Soup - average, more like a plopping of lentils with broth. Hardly a "soup". Lentils weren't blended, but I suppose that's not totally out of the ordinary.
Cheese plate for two - the worst display and quality of cheese that I have ever seen in a restaurant. For example, the sharp provolone was cut into the shape of hearts. Are you kidding me? The rest of the cheese was flavorless at best and remarkably dry, even for aged cheese. Terrible.


Filet of sole - average, with awful mashed turnips that were chunkier than what you'd get in a high school cafeteria.
Split Filet Mignon with fresh mozzarella and potato croquets. Awful piece of meat (it LOOKED bad, even covered (hidden?) in melted cheese. Flavorless meat that was frozen for quite some time before cooking. I'd bet anything on it. (Lobels delivery anyone?) Remarkably bad.
Veal Parm - The end of the chops had aluminum foil tassles hanging off of them like a New Year's horn. My dad barely got through half of it.
Papparadelle with short rib ragout. 3 thin slices of fat with some beef on it on top of definitely-not-as-they-claim-homemade pasta. A really lousy dish. Not even passable.


Do you want to be lied to over and over again about why it took 40 minutes to get your entree...then look no farther than Coppola's. Our waiter disappeared immediately after first seating us. The maitre d' kept telling us our entrees would be right out, making the biggest bullshit excuses I've ever heard.

"Our computer says that your meal will be out shortly".

What? Ten minutes later...

"You have to wait a little longer. 2 minutes. We always bring out food in order of seating."

They got worse and worse from there. The place was a caricature of itself. It even had a "bouncer" of sorts, who had a habit of going to the bathroom every five minutes and terrible phlegm problem afterwards. Odd. I plead for you all to avoid this place. I Trulli looks like Babbo after this experience, and you all know how I feel about I Trulli. Blech. Lousy.


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