Eleven Madison Park (Brunch), Mar. 5, 2005

Eleven Madison Park
11 Madison Ave.

After the tasting menu the night before, I needed more of what Eleven Madison Park had to offer. So I hit up brunch the following morning and was able to use that last RW coupon that was burning a hole in my wallet.

I ordered the Griddled Chicken and St. Andre on Sourdough. It came with bacon, tomato and mesclun greens. I opted to order a side of sage dusted frites as well.

The sandwich was perfect. Not too light, not to heavy, nothing fancy but with excellent tasting and rich smelling St. Andre. The bacon was crisp enough and the tomato and greens were fresh. But for $17...yikes.

The sage dusted frites that came with an herbed aioli of sorts were perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious. One of favorite renderings of the classic.

The bloody mary, however, was pretty awful. A real shame too because I was certainly looking for a good one after such a long night of eating and drinking...especially after those lousy wines at I Trulli.

Service was fine, I was even welcomed back by Giuli Perri the following morning. I would swear that I saw Courtney Cox having brunch as well, but I'm not always the best with real life celeb encounters.

Overall good, but not a brunch I would go out of my way to go to. If I had the money to be more of a regular here, I would go back often for brunch, but at $17 for a chicken sandwich, I'll have to move on for now.

Griddled Chicken & St. André on Sourdough
Bacon, Tomato and Mesclun Greens 17.


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