Banc Cafe, Aug. 14, 2005

Banc Cafe
431 3rd Ave.

I'd just gotten back from the shore and was starving. So before doing our Sunday errands, Danna decided to check out the banc cafe for a second visit.

Photo credit goes to Jimmy'

The first time we went there we had the Chicken and mushroom Quesadilla and I think the Roast Turkey Club. Bothe were okay. Danna liked hers plenty and I found the dishes to be passable at best.

This time around I ordered the Classic Caesar with grilled chicken and Danna ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast (w/roasted pear, french beans, artichokes, dried cranberries and walnut cranberry vinaigrette.

Both were a reasonable $12, but Danna's dish was clearly bigger and better, especially for the price. She loved it. It was, by all accounts, the perfect dish for her. She loves every ingrediant (minus anything having to do with walnuts) in this dish and found her soulmate of a dish. I liked my Caesar salad - it had the much needed anchovy flavoring that one might think would be missing from a Caesar at this place. Otherwise, I found everything to be simply average. Absolutely no risks will be taken by the chefs at this restaurant, which can be a good thing...especially when you are looking for "simple".

I really don't like the decor. It actually bothers me. Is it cheap? Not really but kind of. Is it cheesey? Kind of but not really. I can't put my finger on it, but its just not a place I would want to spend time in for long periods of time (or regularly).

But for guys on the prowl, this place is FILLED with 20-30 something professional women. Filled. All of the time. Every time I walk by there its is just overflowing with the ladies. I think women of this age bracket find themselves quite comfortable at this place and others in the area like Dip, Penelope, bagelry and the like and probably for good reason. The food is reliable, not fussy, wine lists are simple and drinkable. Guys take note. If you plan on dating a girl in this neighborhood, be ready to go to these places...or better yet, suggesting them.


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