Park Bistro, Sept. 15, 2005

Park Bistro

I've neglected to write about this particular night at Park Bistro simply because had I written it with all of the details, I would sound like a shill or an inside person to what Park Bistro has to offer.

Now, a few weeks later, my descriptions will be a bit softer, by design, so as not to make disbelievers of you.

I sat at my usual spot at the bar and Marouf, kind as he is, encourages me to sit at a two-top this evening among the rest of the guests though after having had a large wine and cheese course at the Institute of Culinary Education moment before, I was simply looking for a quick bite before going home to bed.

No such luck this evening. I order the braised rabbit special, per Marouf's encouragement but instead I get a frisee salad, which though standard was still very good - the greens crisp and the dressing nicely acidic. Then comes out the requisite mussels...a smaller portion but delicious. Totally unsolicited and remarkably tasty.

The braised rabbit, resting in a jus of rabbit comes to the table in infinite glory. Truly remarkable. The flavor of the rabbit is brought out well with help from the rabbit jus and in no way does this taste like chicken (a common complaint of rabbit by many people) nor is it too gamey to be enjoyable. Perfectly cooked with buttery flavor. I could eat this dish regularly and actually recommend this over the appetizer version at The Red Cat, of which I enjoyed wholeheartedly. Different preparations, both great, but this one wins out. I'll be trying the rabbit at Wallse soon, so it will be interesting to see how the three compare.

A mango sorbet is given to me soon after, complimentary of dear Marouf and it is fabulous, but too much. I had just eaten so much food (cheese no less) prior to coming and I just couldn't go on. A few bites and that was all I could take. The only time I've left food on a plate/bowl at Park Bistro.

Service is addictive. You want more of it so you keep going back. No one should treat you as well as they do at Park Bistro. Look out Danny Meyer, you've got some competition.


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