Blockheads (multiple visits)

multiple locations
we order from the Murray Hill branch
499 3rd Ave (bet. 33rd and 34th)

Finding a truly excellent burrito, and Mexican food in general, in Manhattan is surprisingly difficult. I still can't figure out why that's the case. Sure, Mexican Radio is pretty good and offers a ton of different hot sauces that range from tasty and mild to bitter and mind-numbingly strong. La Esquina is providing the oft-missing fish taco, has, from secondary sources, not surprisingly achieved SoCal fish taco status. So what is one to do when that take-out burrito craving comes-a-calling? Unlike another chain of burrito shops that start with a B, blockheads makes an edible and quite tasty effort with its shredded beef burrito. It comes with black beans and rice in a red tortilla with a mild salsa and sour cream. I substitute the tortilla for a whole wheat one, and add a side of guacamole. Danna replaces the sour cream with tofu sour cream, who's taste, she swears, is great, but the color is reminiscent of sour, sour cream. It's a big burrito in both flavor and size and quells the bi-monthly burrito grumblings of my stomach.

What's better still is their service. My bank, who's debit card I use hadrecently gotten in the habit of adding an assumed gratuity to my order (I give the delivery guys cash) whether I gave one or not. This was displayed for days on my online billing statement. Thinking that I was getting cheated by Blockheads, I called them up, spoke to a manager and let them know that there was $5 (some gratuity for two burritos!) added to my bill. The manager apologized, saying that this has happened before and that to make up for any problems, I would be given not $5, but a $7 credit to be used anytime. WOW! What great service. Something that has encouraged me to not only patronize them (somewhat more regularly) but to spread the word of their good faith, customer service and relatively good burritos.

As it turned out, my bank was in error (a habit I believe they fixed once I spoke to a manager, explained that the conversation was being taped and that I was a reporter).

photo credits to jonahviakeyboard on flickr


Anonymous Jonah said...

Hi Badge,

Tried to email you but couldn't find it. This is Jonah from Burrito Blog. If you're going to use my Blockheads photos on your site, I'd appreciate being included on your Other Food-Related Blogs/Sites list. Thanks - and keep up the great work!

9:59 PM  

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