Jean Georges - October 1, 2007

Jean Georges is changing things up. First the new decor, now bar snacks! And very good bar snacks at that. Rosemary/Olive oil popcorn, wasabi almonds (thick shell of wasabiness) and another deliciously covered nut that I can't place the flavor...cardamom? I'll have to go back and check again. All very good.

Today's bouquet...

I went thematic today - choosing all items that were poached in some way, shape or form. This was a poached shrimp soup in roasted tomato and lemongrass broth (soup, if you ask me). Very good.

Then I went for the slow-poached chicken which was sitting atop a log of crispy rice cake - something similar to the cubes I had with my pork/pork belly dish a few days earlier. The sauce it came with was delicious.

Poached pears with raspberries. This was pretty tasty but it was less enjoyable than how it looked. A little went a little way.


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