Balthazar, September 2, 2007


It's taken us awhile, but we finally got to Balthazar for brunch - thanks to Danna's parents who took us out for her 30th birthday. We get our coffee from the sideshop any time we are shopping downtown and I occasionally pick up some bread if I'm heading over to SA and D's. Oh, and the cookbook is great. I've made several meals from it, favoring the short ribs, french onion soup and, of course, the pomme frites.

(Eggs Norwegian, with lox in the foreground)

So, having had great success with making the fries, we had to try to real deal. They were very good and deserve the credit they've gotten. In addition to the side of fries, I started with (not pictured) the french onion soup (also very good) and the eggs meurette, which basically poaced eggs in a red wine sauce with mushrooms, some frisee, and lardons. Solid dish.

Coffee was good as usual, ambiance was lively and service was spot on despite the bustling crowds. It's a great place and it's clear why McNally's place has been such a success.


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